Devices Compatible with ios 10

The list of compatible devices that will be supported by iOS 10 is still fairly comprehensive. Here’s a complete list of all the iOS 10 compatible devices:

iPhone SE

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5

iPad Pro, 12.9-inch

iPad Pro, 9.7-inch

iPad Air 2

iPad Air

iPad mini 4

iPad mini 3

iPad mini 2

iPad 4

iPod touch
iPod touch 6th-gen

If your device is listed above, then congratulations, but be mindful that just because your hardware supports the installation of iOS 10, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every single new feature of iOS 10 will be available on that hardware as Apple restricts certain features based on hardware capabilities of the device.

iOS 10 Features Apple Copied from Third Party Apps

#1. Find My Car

The stock Maps app now remembers where you have parked your car. It’s indeed a smart feature that helps you find your car quickly at the parking place. A number of third party apps including Track Back have this same feature.
#2. Sleep Analysis
The stock Health app has got a new feature called Sleep Analysis that allows you to manage your sleep properly.

Sleep Cycle has the same functionality which shows advanced sleep analysis and is able to optimize your wake up time as well.
#3. Universal Copy/Paste
Pushbullet iPhone and iPad App IconThere is a new continuity feature called Universal Copy/Paste in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. It allows you to copy on one iDevice and paste it on the other.
Third party apps such as PushBullet also allow universal copy/paste across macOS and iOS devices.
#4. Magnifier
Magnificent iPhoen and iPad App IconMagnifier is the latest addition to the suit of Accessibility. When enabled, it lets you magnify printed text using your iPhone camera so that you can read easily. Some third party apps like Magnificent have got this feature as well.
#5. Snapchat: Editing Photos in Messages
Snapchat iPhone App IconUndoubtedly, Messages app has got major improvements in iOS 10. Just a look at the sharing and editing images/Live Photos will remind you of Snapchat.
#6. Facebook Messenger: Third Party App Store in Messages
Facebook Messenger iPhone and iPad App IconMessages app has also got third-party app store that allows you to add various types of stickers, emojis, and other interesting stuff to enhance your messaging experience. Facebook Messenger has already got this feature.
#7. Unlocking Mac with Apple Watch
FingerKey iPhone App IconNow, you can unlock your Mac using Apple Watch. There are quite a few iPhone apps like FingerKey that allows you to unlock your Mac with Touch ID fingerprint sensor on iPhone.
#8. Home App
The Home app for iOS allows you to get the best of HomeKit functionality. It has a number of features that are available in many third party apps from accessory makers, who manufacture HomeKit compatible devices.
#9. 3D Touch in Control Center
Control Center in iOS 10 has got a major improvement thanks to the functionality of 3D Touch. Now, you can 3D touch the camera, calculator, torch and alarm to access shortcuts.

QuickCenter jailbreak tweak has the same functionality as it allows you access app shortcuts using the touch technology in CC.
The tech giant seems to have copied this concept letting users carry out the same function using the smartwatch.
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Apple says it intentionally left the iOS 10 kernel unencrypted for better software optimization

Earlier today we reported that the kernel of the first developer preview of iOS 10 is unencrypted – a first for any iOS version. At the time, we weren’t entirely sure if Apple had deliberately done this or if was an error and would get reverted in the next beta of the operating system. Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch, however, that making the kernel unencrypted was an intentional move.As we explained earlier today, the kernel is responsible for things like security and how apps are capable of accessing the device’s hardware. By opening it up, developers and researchers can look more closely at the kernel’s code and discover security flaws. While there’s some room for malicious actions, by having more people looking for security flaws, Apple can be faster at patching said flaws.

iOS security expert Jonathan Zdziarski explained that Apple’s recent battle with the FBI could be partial reasoning for the decision to open the kernel. He explains that by allowing more people to look more closely at the kernel’s code, the market for groups like the one the FBI interacted with to unlock the San Bernardino device would weaken.
Originally the agency wanted Apple to help penetrate the San Bernardino iPhone, but it dropped that plan after finding a third party who could break into the device. It was the latest evidence of an expanding trade that sells software exploits to law enforcement. Opening up iOS for anyone to examine could weaken that market by making it harder for certain groups to hoard knowledge of vulnerabilities.

Instagram Announces Automatic In-App Text Translation Feature

Instagram has announced that it is developing a text translation feature for its flagship app that will roll out in the coming month. Once live, users will see a new “See Translation” button beneath photos and user profiles which will automatically translate comments, captions, and bios into the language chosen in the app’s settings.
The machine translation feature will support 24 languages to begin with, but the option won’t show on older comments or those it doesn’t recognize the language of. Twitter and Facebook have offered automatic translation features for a while now, so the introduction of the feature brings the service in line with the other big social networks. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has been busy tweaking its platform recently, with a new logo and a redesigned app among the changes. 

Earlier this week, it announced that the photo-based social network is now used by over 500 million people, with 300 million using the app every day and 80 percent of users living outside the U.S.

iOS 10: 105 Awesome Features You Must Check Out

Having used iOS 10 on my iPhone for over a week, I can say with confidence that the latest iOS ecosystem is fantastic. Lashed with several defining features such as Safari Split-View, Redesigned Notification and Control Center, inline video and more, it has really bowled me over.
Even though we have already made a huge list of hidden iOS 10 features, we were compelled to make yet another massive list of exclusive add-ons that have arrived in the newest iOS version.

Separate Mail, Contacts & Calendars sections in Settings

Apple Pay via Safari Settings

Redesigned Contacts app

Video app playback quality on Wi-Fi and cellular

Redesigned Control Center

AirPlay Mirroring now named as AirPlay Screen

Separate media and AirPlay audio/video controls

3D Touch on quick launch shortcuts in Control Center

Widgets don’t appear in Notification Center on Home screen

New widgets

View widgets using 3D Touch

Adding new widgets

Spotlight search history

Enhanced interactive notifications

Unlimited tabs in Safari

Safari Split View

New media attachment interface

Markup images

Inline video

Inline links

Digital Touch

Digital Touch for photos and video

Send with bubble effect

Send with screen effect

Tap back

App Store for iMessage

Tap to replace emoji

Send read receipts by conversation

Keyboard Contextual Predictions

Play Inline video on Safari on iPhone

Quickly close all Safari tabs

Search bookmark folders and reading list in Safari

Drag gesture to open Safari split-view on iPad

Tap and hold on a link → Share

Swipe up on a photo to show related photos

Smoother Live Photos

Lyrics in the Music app

Siri suggests what you may have meant

Message Notifications when in full-screen Digital Touch or App

Handwriting in Messages when in landscape mode

Clear all Notifications in Notification Center

You can Search while inside any app by swiping down Notification Center

New Look Up option replaces Define

3D Touch a 3rd party app to share the app

Option to 3D Touch a folder to rename the folder

Option to 3D Touch an in-progress download to cancel or pause or resume the download

You can 3D Touch Folder with a notification to check out the app with the notification

3D Touch now works on searched apps

3D Touch for Siri suggested apps

Music plays while taking Live Photos

Calendar automatically fills event names that occurs frequently

Spotlight now searches iCloud Drive

Markup now appears in the Photos app

Home app shortcuts in Control Center

Emergency per-contact bypass for Do Not Disturb

Accessibility Magnifier

Find My Apple Watch

Optimization warnings when running 32-bit apps

New Apple TV Remote app

New Keyboard click sound

Multilingual typing

Calendar Time to Leave/Location suggestion

Calendar Found Events

Conversation view in Mail

Mail filters

Side-by-side Mail compose iPad

Mailbox column

Suggested move folder for Mail

Most recent message at top

Unsubscribe from mailing lists

Clock app Dark theme

Bedtime Wake Alarm

Redesigned chronograph stopwatch interface

3D Touch Timer in Control Center

New Home app

Health app changes and videos

Activity App Share Activity

App Store Categories tab returns

Music app features Split View on iPad

Automatically Download Music

Manage downloaded music

Optimize storage for music

Music app interface changed

Search photos by people and things

Photos app Memories tab

Photos app search enhancements

Edit Live Photos

Live Filters for Live Photos

Markup photos

Improved Auto Enhance in Photos

Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos

New News app icon and UI

Sort Favorites in News app

Maps app redesigned interface

Swift Playgrounds app

New iOS 10 wallpaper

New folder look and animation

Bolder typeface

Raise to Wake (Settings → Display & Brightness)

Remove stock apps

App Store ads

New smaller “back-to-app” button in status bar

Siri’s more prominent place in Settings

iCloud Drive Desktop folder

Shared Notes collaboration

Faster FaceTime connectivity

Watch app Face Gallery

iOS 10 is currently available as developer beta. The public beta is set to arrive in July. Those who have developer account can easily install it. Even the ones without developer account can successfully install it on their iPhone or iPad.
Apple has termed iOS 10 as the biggest ever update. Barring a few bugs such as iTunes error 14, app crashing, the newest iOS version doesn’t seem to have any major bug.

WhatsApp is about to get a whole lot better

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has some notable improvements in the pipeline, including support for large emoji characters, all-new public groups, the ability to share locally stored tracks and Apple Music songs with friends and family, deeper Facebook integration, profile codes, stickers and multi-account support, to name a few.
But we’re just getting started.
Prolific WhatsApp leakster @WABetaInfo has shared a bunch of screenshots along with descriptions of these and many other features that are currently being tested with a subset of WhatsApp’s user base. I’ve distilled them in this article for your reading pleasure. Here are some of the more interesting WhatsApp enhancements that we’re looking forward to.
Music sharing via WhatsApp
Currently, you can share pictures, videos, documents, places and contacts via WhatsApp.
If screenshots taken from a WhatsApp beta are an indication, you will soon be able to share music with friends and family on the service. The images seem to confirm that users will be able to share both tracks that have been downloaded to their device as well as Apple Music songs.

Tidbits that matter
Other changes planned for a future WhatsApp update, which is currently being tested as we speak, include the following design changes, refinements and new capabilities:
Camera icon is removed

Redesigned chat bubbles

New features within WhatsApp settings

Improved built-in help

Opt-in for a better Facebook experiences based on your WhatsApp data (don’t worry, your chats and WhatsApp number won’t be shared on Facebook)

New options to delete chats:

Older than 30 days

Older than 6 months

All messages, except starred ones

All messages, except their documents and media attachments

All messages, except starred ones, documents and media files


All messages of old group participants

Support for quoted messages

Internal browser for viewing links (probably based on the new Safari controller) with iCloud Keychain support for viewing password-protected websites and pages

The ability to see the list of videos that haven’t been backed up, right in your chat history

Scannable profile QR codes via WhatsApp → Settings → Profile → Scan Code

Video calling

Support for multiple accounts

Ability to share any file type

Support for showing multiple, scrollable images within a single chat bubble

Handoff support

Stickers, both Facebook and WhatsApp ones

Now, some of you may already have one or more of these features enabled.
This is normal: WhatsApp has been testing beta code with a small subset of its user base. I’ve discovered that reinstalling WhatsApp in certain cases might enable some of the hidden features being tested.

Apple commemorates Muhammad Ali with homepage tribute

Apple is today commemorating the life of boxer Muhammad Ali with a fullscreen homepage tribute, who died in hospital on Friday at the age of 74. The quote reads: ‘The man who has no imagination has no wings’. Apple executives Tim Cook and Phil Schiller have also shown their respects on Twitter.

Ali directly represented Apple’s brand in the Think Different campaign.
When Steve Jobs announced the video, it was as a metaphor for Apple fighting against Michael Dell, who famously stated that Apple was dead and the company should just return the remaining money to its shareholders. Skip to 1:10 below for the good bits.

Apple sends out press invites for WWDC 2016, confirms 10AM PT keynote on June 13


After officially announcing that WWDC would take place June 13th through June 17th in April, Apple today has officially invited members of the press to its kickoff keynote address. The keynote will take place on June 13th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Like usual, the keynote will commence at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET (via TechInsider).
This year’s keynote is slightly different from those of previous years as it is being held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Typically, Apple holds all events at Moscone West, but this year all first day festivities are being held at Bill Graham. The rest of the week, except for the WWDC Bash, is held at Moscone West. The Bash, which is typically held at Yerba Buena Gardens, will this year also be at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

At WWDC, Apple is expected to show off the latest versions of its software for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Watch. The company is expected to give the first look at iOS 10, which is said to include a redesigned Apple Music that brings support for lyrics. Mac OS X 10.12 will also be unveiled and as we reported earlier this year, one of its tentpole features will be support for Siri. 

It was reported last week that Apple will unveil a Siri SDK at WWDC, as well.

Apple will stream much of WWDC, including the kick-off keynote, on its WWDC website and in the WWDC app. Sessions will also be available after the fact to watch on-demand, which is nice especially for the fast-moving developer-centric talks.

As always, we’ll have wall-to-wall coverage of everything Apple announces during WWDC right here on 9to5Mac. You can read our guide of everything you need to know about the event here, as well as everything we expect Apple to unveil here.

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Apple releases Swift 3.0 Preview 1 ahead of WWDC 2016


Apple’s programing language Swift saw its first preview release branch for 3.0 hit yesterday as the programming language moves closer to a finalized 3.0 release due later this year. Though nowhere near a final release of Swift 3.0, this marks the beginning of the major Swift revisions that developers will see coming later this year.
According to the Swift-Evolution GitHub page, the primary goal of Swift 3.0 is to “solidify and mature the Swift language and development experience.” As it turns out, this also means that there will be source breaking changes this time around, but Swift 3.x and 4+ are said to hopefully remain as source compatible as possible.

Developers looking to test the Swift 3.0 preview release branch can head over to the Swift snapshots download area to grab a recent snapshot copy that can then be implemented into Ubuntu 14.04, 15.10 or directly into Apple’s Xcode. With WWDC 2016 coming in the following weeks, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that later Xcode betas might have the latest Swift 3.0 previews already integrated with them.