iOS 10 Features Apple Copied from Third Party Apps

#1. Find My Car

The stock Maps app now remembers where you have parked your car. It’s indeed a smart feature that helps you find your car quickly at the parking place. A number of third party apps including Track Back have this same feature.
#2. Sleep Analysis
The stock Health app has got a new feature called Sleep Analysis that allows you to manage your sleep properly.

Sleep Cycle has the same functionality which shows advanced sleep analysis and is able to optimize your wake up time as well.
#3. Universal Copy/Paste
Pushbullet iPhone and iPad App IconThere is a new continuity feature called Universal Copy/Paste in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. It allows you to copy on one iDevice and paste it on the other.
Third party apps such as PushBullet also allow universal copy/paste across macOS and iOS devices.
#4. Magnifier
Magnificent iPhoen and iPad App IconMagnifier is the latest addition to the suit of Accessibility. When enabled, it lets you magnify printed text using your iPhone camera so that you can read easily. Some third party apps like Magnificent have got this feature as well.
#5. Snapchat: Editing Photos in Messages
Snapchat iPhone App IconUndoubtedly, Messages app has got major improvements in iOS 10. Just a look at the sharing and editing images/Live Photos will remind you of Snapchat.
#6. Facebook Messenger: Third Party App Store in Messages
Facebook Messenger iPhone and iPad App IconMessages app has also got third-party app store that allows you to add various types of stickers, emojis, and other interesting stuff to enhance your messaging experience. Facebook Messenger has already got this feature.
#7. Unlocking Mac with Apple Watch
FingerKey iPhone App IconNow, you can unlock your Mac using Apple Watch. There are quite a few iPhone apps like FingerKey that allows you to unlock your Mac with Touch ID fingerprint sensor on iPhone.
#8. Home App
The Home app for iOS allows you to get the best of HomeKit functionality. It has a number of features that are available in many third party apps from accessory makers, who manufacture HomeKit compatible devices.
#9. 3D Touch in Control Center
Control Center in iOS 10 has got a major improvement thanks to the functionality of 3D Touch. Now, you can 3D touch the camera, calculator, torch and alarm to access shortcuts.

QuickCenter jailbreak tweak has the same functionality as it allows you access app shortcuts using the touch technology in CC.
The tech giant seems to have copied this concept letting users carry out the same function using the smartwatch.
What do you think of iOS 10? Do share your feedback with us in the comment box . 


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